Banners, avatars, icons, twitter and things to come (Update)

14 07 2010

Just a quick (well, actually pretty long) update (and attempt to get a discussion going).

So as you may have guessed Yattah now has a twitter account! Probably not very exiting news to most of you, but I thought I might as well mention it. If you want to follow Yattah on twitter, so you can see what I’m up to or what articles I’m working on, then head on over to As you can see I wasn’t able to use the name Yattah, because someone had already taken it. That’s something I hate about choosing usernames, just when you think of the perfect one, type it into the username box and hit enter it tells you the name has already been taken. Anyway, I managed to overcome this by adding an ‘a’ to the end, very imaginative, I know.

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