Website Mockup Project: Part II: Taking shape

15 07 2010

After I got over the trauma of having to start again, I knuckled down for an hour or so and have managed to come up with something that looks pretty awesome in my opinion. Again it’s still not finished, but I really think it’s starting to take shape now as you can see from the image;

Click the image for a full webpage view.

As you can see, I’ve added quite a few things since the first update, including a new forums page, profile bar and settings button. I’d say I’m about a quarter of the way to finishing it now, seeing as I’ve still got a lot to add.

As usual, post a comment with your thoughts, suggestions, ideas and questions below. If you like the blog and want to receive updates from it then go ahead and hit the submit button over on the right.

Wrapping things up, and signing off





One response

26 07 2010
The Lonely god

Sorry to hear about the first fail of the day… things happen, you can’t change that. I really like the look of the header and general feel, it’s really cool.

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