Website Mockup Project: Part I: The Beginning

15 07 2010

Today marks the beginning of my most ambitious photoshop project to date… mostly because it’s my only project to date. I’m going to attempt to make a website mockup. A website mockup is pretty much a visual plan of what you want your website to look like. These are usually sent to web developers or coders who then bring the site to life, using assets provided by the mockup creator.

I started making the mockup (optimized for opera browser) about half an hour ago. Progress has actually been made pretty swiftly and no major problems have come up so far. I’ve discovered some new tools, the main one being the zoom tool (yes, I haven’t ever actually used that before. Told you I was new to PS). This was used to edit things such as the website url and website icon, and I don’t doubt I’ll need to use it for the profile bar that I’m working on.

It’s all very well me just telling you what I’ve done but  think showing you an actual picture would be much more descriptive; (click the picture for a full size image)

No where near finished of course, but still, I think I’ve made some pretty decent progress for just half an hours work, and I hope you’ll agree. Please post your thoughts, suggestions and ideas in a comment below. You can also subscribe to the blog using the link on the right column, under the title ‘subscription’. Subscribing to the blog pretty much just makes your life easier by sending you email alerts everytime I post a new article so you don’t have to keep checking.

I’ll have another update about the mockup sometime today, so stay tuned!

Wrapping things up and signing off,





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